3 Best Affiliate Programs with their distinctive features

CJ Affiliate

It is one of the biggest affiliate programs online today. CJ Affiliate has an extensive retailer base, hosting affiliate programs of most of the major retailers we know. The affiliates are allowed to deal in different sizes of ads which give them control over the offers. With a huge variety of offers to pick from, CJ Affiliate has become a place where affiliates go to compare a range of different offers.

What makes CJ Affiliates unique?

The platform is large

There are over 3000 merchants on the platform offering several millions of products. That’s probably the largest concentration of merchants in one program.

You have access to various types of data

5 must-haves for an affiliate site

A clearly defined target audience

The first must-have for an affiliate website is a target audience. These are the people interested in the products you are promoting. Perhaps, you need to ask yourself; what are they interested in? Where are they? When your audience is large and interactive, you are likely to have a successful affiliate website that could spin incredible profits.

A solution to the audience’s problems

Having a sizeable audience and solving its problems are two distinct things. Normally, you need to understand the needs of your audience first and then proceed to solve them and make money. The list, reviews, and tutorials convert better affiliate sales because they are aimed at solving particular audience’s problems.